- Doctor, what's wrong with me?

Find out what you may suffer from. For free !

The entire procedure lasts around 5 minutes

Find out what you may suffer from. For free !

You do not feel well, you have a health problem. FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM.

5 minute symptom checker web app with integrated lab test results checker. Become now informed FAST and ACCURATE about our medical condition an you can take BETTER DECISION regarding the type of medical help you might need and avoiding of disease complication means LOT LESS MEDICAL EXPENSE and it leeds to a much FASTER HEALING TIME


  • Symptom checker


    Symptom checker complex and relevant

  • Symptom checker


    Your selection may include appearance of skin, eyes, hair and more.

  • Symptom checker

    Lab test

    Like real doctors, our symptom checker also takes into account the results of your lab tests investigation for a final clear diagnosis.

  • Symptom checker

    relevant results

    Our symptom checker will give you a short list of possible illnesses just like when you go to the doctor and the doctor asks you to do lab tests (the analysis). If you have done your lab tests then the result must be clear.

  • Tested on real patients

    We continue our work

    We have been testing our work in hospitals, clinics, individual medical offices and in lab processing labs along with real patients to always create a better product.