Welcome to Doctor31 metaverse

Where you can OWN, SELL, or RENT land and run your own business providing services to Doctor31 metaverse users.

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Our Mission

We bridge the gap between users and healthcare companies

The healthcare ecosystem is rapidly being digitized. Innovations in fields like telemedicine or remote testing are creating a new global digital market full of opportunities.

3 out of 4

People search for their symptoms on the internet.

In over 95%

Of cases, they will find the articles that are best indexed or with paid advertising, that may not even match their medical condition.

More then 3

A 30-year-old person suffers on average from 3 medical conditions. That number increases with the age.

Lack of solutions

There is no app that identifies the needs of users and shows them exactly what services or products they can get.

Stay tuned with our project

If we haven't convinced you yet, or if you like our project, this is how we'll make sure only what's important gets to you. We don't want to bother you.


OWN, SELL, or RENT land and run your own business.

Own, Sale, Rent! Just like in real life, in order for a business to actually work it needs a headquarters. This is the moment you put your brain to work and come up with the best NFT you can buy.

Ways to earn

Own, Sale, Rent!

Steps to get an Doctor31 plot (NFT).

1. Book from the list of available Doctor31 plots (NFTs) and add the ETH address you want to receive your NFT on.

2. You will receive a proforma invoice. You can pay in USD, USDT or RON. FIAT payments are made by bank wire transfer.

3. You will receive the fiscal invoice after the payment.

4. At the end of the seed stage - in December - we'll mint the first PLOTS and send them to your wallet.

5. Congrats. Now you have an NFT that you can sell, rent or use it to start a business.

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How can I find customers to rent or sell?

Demand and supply will meet on the local marketplace in the Doctor31 metaverse.

Health companies that want to offer services in the Doctor31 Metaverse must have at least one plot.

They must buy or rent and for these operations they will be directed to the local marketplace.

Local marketplace is not the only monetization option. You can trade your NFT (doctor31 plot) on any other secondary market. Eg: OpenSea


The price of a Doctor31 plot (NFT).

We are in Seed Stage

The discount at the moment is 70%. It only applies to the first 400 Doctor31 plots - 4% from the total number of plots.

It means that a Doctor31 Plot price is now $1.500, 70% discounted from the Public Sale price of $5.000.

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Why not later, why now?

Just like in real life, any resource is limited. There are 10.000 Doctor31 plots in the Doctor 31 Metaverse.

NFTs are accompanied by features that offer additional bonuses to beneficiaries. They decrease with the increase in the number of plots sold.

At this moment we have a special feautres offer for the first investors.

See the offert


The Roadmap, When I will be able to start benefiting from these NFTs?

We are not starting from scratch. After 8 years of work, the medical part is ready. The algorithm gives uniqueness to the product, being the most complex and advanced on the market.

  • Start of the project, August 10, 2014
    On August 10, 2014, we laid out for the first time on paper the plans for our mission. That of helping people to have access to personalized medical information."

  • Launch of the web version, September 2015
    In the fall of 2015, we launched the first version of the symptom checker on the website www.personalonlinedoctor.com"

  • www.personalonlinedoctor.com becomes Doctorila.com, March 2016
    We are launching the improved version of the application plus the module for interpreting the results of laboratory tests. The first in the world."

  • Launch of the Doctor31 application, September 2019
    Doctorila becomes Doctor31, and after 5 years of work we launch the Doctor31 application available on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Medication and medical investigations. Major update, May 2022
    A first in the field of symptom checker applications. For the first time an application takes into account when issuing a reportdata on medication and medical investigations.

  • The idea of the Doctor31 Metaverse came up. August 2022
    We were always thinking about how to improve the user experience. And how to create a world of Doctor31 users.

  • Launching the marketplace. Q2/2023
    The launch of the marketplace where people will be able to sell/rent/buy the virtual assets they own.

  • Launching control panel where businesses can start preparing the services they want to offer to users. Q2/2023
    We will provide users with the opportunity to decorate their Doctor31 plots from the universe. At the same time, we will provide the necessary documentation for programmers to develop products in metaverse.

  • The release of the demo version of the Doctor31 Metaverse. Q3/2023
    We want to have a first part of the metaverse ready, where users can create their avatar and interact with the medical part.

  • Unlock the NFTs. Q4/2023
    We will unlock all the NFTs except the one of founders and team wich will be unlocked in Q2/2024

  • Release of the beta (test) version of the Doctor31 metaverse. Q4/2023
    Completion of the final version, with most of the actions starting to be valid for users, including those through which users can win.

  • Release of stable version. Q2/2024
    The release of the stable version and with the correction of the errors that we will discover in the beta version.

Our achievements

The current stage of the Doctor31 project is the Doctor31 app, which can access the medical knowledge of doctors from 31 different main specialties.

The integration of this algorithm into a metaverse digital twin gives users an interactive and visual way of tracking and managing personal health data. This both simplifies and gamifies personal healthcare to the user's advantage.

0 + 8 years of work on creating the algorithm
0 + 10,000 symptoms, diseases, medicines, laboratory analyzes learned by our algorithms
0 + 15,000 cases in which our algorithm was used by users and doctors

Are you up to date with the news?

At Doctor 31, we believe it's very important to stay well informed. Furthermore, the quality of the information needs to be the best there is. So relax and get up to date with the news!

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