About Us


Our Team

List of some of the team members with the best established roles. We are still looking to expand the team.

Constantin Lucian Nutu, M.D. Founder

The doctor with programming skills.

Cristina Arhir, LL.M Co-Founder,

The experienced one with law and finance.

Marian Deaconu, Surgeon - M.D. Medical advisor cheaf

The doctor close to the project since 2014. The one with clinical experience (from hospitals).

Marian Esco Crypto advisor

The one with crypto world

Lisman Alexandru Structuralist

The one that works toward complex system alignment.

Paul Blockchain programmer

The one with smart contracts.

Our mission

Constantin Lucian Nutu, M.D. Founder

“ We want to change the bad habit of people who, when they are not feeling good, use search engines and read the first articles they find. Our goal is to give you quality personalized medical information.“