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Doctor31 Metaverse

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The Doctor31 Metaverse is a healthcare-center digital world where companies can build infrastructure (telemedicine clinics, showrooms, learning spaces, law firms, etc) and get access to a pipeline of curated clients.



Just like in real life, in order for your business to actually work you need a space. The same principle applies in the Doctor31 metaverse. So, to start offering your services or products to metaverse users, you need a Doctor31 plot. Also like in real life the number of Doctor31 plots is limited to 10,000. We want a strong economy in the metaverse.
If you can't manage, our team is at your disposal to help you.

Buy now a Doctor31 plot


Step 2

Personalize your space. This is where users will come to see the services you offer. From the color of the walls, your 3D or VR products, online courses, online store to boots that chat with your users, everything is customizable.



Select the services you offer, or select the keywords which describe your products, and based on them, every time a user matches your service or product, your product or service will be presented to the user.


Step 4

Start offering the services to the users of the Doctor31 metaverse. Just 3 simple steps to be present in Doctor31 metaverse. Dont't forget if you can't handle it, our team is at your disposal.


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