Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why do you have your own Metaverse, Coins and NFTs?

The Metaverse is an obvious choice for the online worldwide accessible common point of meeting for everybody interested in medicine and healthcare. We opted against creating a token or coin currency. Instead, we'll employ current stablecoins, as well as Non-Fungible Tokens, to distribute access and rights to stakeholders such as investors, businesses, users, patients, and healthcare personnel.

Why Medical and Blockchain - why do a Medical Metaverse?

There is a significant demand for a central location where consumers may log in online and explore the world of health care. They may search for anything medically relevant here, and you can utilise Doctor31 algorithms to obtain a faster and more quality answer to your inquiries. A location where the user's and patient's best interests are prioritised. A place where you may openly discuss medical concerns and provide and demand products or services.

What problems do Metaverse and NFTs solve?

NFTs are the native blockchain funding technique. It is more suited to funding for blockchain firms than traditional VC approaches. More capital has been raised through cryptocurrencies and NFTs than through traditional VC routes. Metaverse is the common name for the visually interconnected online world.

Will Metaverses and tokens still be around in X months or years?

We think that Blockchain, Web 3.0, and comparable technologies will be used to build the next Google, Facebook, or Apple. Tokens are a novel method for all investors of any size to engage in this new ecosystem at a low cost. The late-90s digital revolution gave birth to a venture capital business that is now well-organised, standardised, and highly efficient. Similarly, we believe that tokens will be used to finance and enable the next revolution. As a result, we anticipate the NFT and Metaverse markets will become more organised, regulated, and a more professional approach to cryptocurrency tokens will be required as time goes on, but the non-fungible tokens market will not go away anytime soon.

What is Doctor31 Metaverse?

Doctor31 Metaverse is a live virtual environment that you may access from anywhere in the world. It is the same program as Doctor31, but with a new aesthetic design and real time interconnection between all players. The backbone of the technical improvement is Blockchain, while the frontend is Web3. It is the global medical meeting place for everyone who is interested in medical issues, searches, business or engagement. The Doctor31 Metaverse is a digital world specially designed for private healthcare companies to provide digital services to clients. We shorten the distance between clients and healthcare providers by using a combination of technologies aligned to create a thriving digital economy around innovative healthcare solutions.

Who can join the metaverse as a private healthcare company?

The Doctor31 Metaverse is open to any stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem. Clinics, hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, etc are welcome to build infrastructure like telemedicine service, showrooms, studyhalls, etc.

How can I get clients as a healthcare provider?

The foundation of the Doctor31 Metaverse is our Digital Health Twin. This feature is designed to understand the userís healthcare needs and recommend relevant in-metaverse healthcare providers, creating a very effective client funnel.

What is the Digital Health Twin?

The Digital Health Twin is a digital avatar that holds user healthcare data and provides guidance through the healthcare process. Users are able to input various health related metrics like symptoms, test results, personal medical device information, etc and get custom tailored medical advice. Users also get in-metaverse healthcare provider recommendations, based on their needs and preferences.

How can I join as a user?

All you need to do is have an internet enabled device that can run our Digital Health Twin, users get free access to this feature.

What is the plot of land NFT?

This NFT is a piece of digital land in the Doctor31 Metaverse. The plot of land NFT can be stored in any Ethereum wallet and gives the owner the right to sell, rent or build out the plot of land.

What is the QALY Coin?

The QALY Coin is a non-tradable token that users earn by showing good healthcare practices through the Digital Health Twin feature. This token can be used to get different discounts on products and services offered in the Doctor31 Metaverse.

What is the Metamask Wallet?

There are a number of crypto wallets that can safely store your assets, but Metamask is the most time tested solution and we recommend using it. In order to own and manage a plot of digital land in the Doctor31 Metaverse you first need to set up a crypto wallet to store your Plot NFTs.

How can I build healthcare infrastructure in the metaverse?

Healthcare companies that want to build infrastructure in the Doctor31 Metaverse need to own or rent a Plot of Land NFT. Companies also need to design and deploy their spaces in the metaverse. (offices, clinics, showrooms, marketplaces, etc)