Own, Sale, Rent, Make business!


Welcome to Doctor 31's Metaverse!

So welcome to the Metaverse, where you can own, sell, or rent land and run your own business providing services to metacitisens.

What is a Doctor31 plot?

Just like in real life, if you want to do business, you need a place to do it. A key is your access to your virtual place. So if you want to open up your business in the Doctor 31 Metaverse, whether it's an online shop, an online course, telemedicine, etc., you need one (or more) Doctor31 plots. They are nonfungible virtual assets, each with a unique identification number.

How many Doctor31 plots does a business need?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may require a specific area with certain dimensions to carry out your activities. Inside the Doctor 31 Metaverse, a number of Doctor31 plots are required to unlock the areas needed to carry out your hustle. Simply said, the key is our measurement system, such as a square foot.
The bare minimum of Doctor31 plots required for the most basic company is one. You are allowed to customize your place anyway you see fit, so make it as appealing to your consumers as possible.
Check out this list to discover how many plotss each business need.

How can I earn with my Doctor 31 plots?

Once you become the owner of the Doctor 31 plot(s), you become the owner of a virtual asset in our metaverse. And your company needs this virtual space to carry out its activities. One very important detail: you can sell or rent out your keys, depending on what you think is more profitable for you. You can hold them and open your own business, or you can wait for the right moment to sell them. We remind you that there are a limited number of keys available in the metaverse. It's all up to your entrepreneurial sense.

How many Doctor 31 plots are there?

Just like in real life, any resource is limited. But that doesn't mean our metaverse is. We want a balance in our internal economy, a well-organized application, and that means we have some ground rules that all of us need to respect. With that in mind, on an all-time level, there are 10.000 Doctor31 plots in the Doctor 31 Metaverse.
One thing is clear: It is better to have a smaller but powerful country, economic wise, like Switzerland, instead of a big country with an unsteady economy, where fraud is more probable.

How do I know that no more Doctor31 plots will appear in the metaverse?

All information related to Doctor31 plots is saved on the block chain. from the total number of keys to the number sold. It's our way to ensure safety and transparency.

Where will I be able to sell or rent my Doctor31 plot(s)?

Very simple: on our market place or any other NFT's market. Doctor 31 MarketPlace will be ready by the second half of 2023, and this will be the main place where you can sell or rent your Doctor31 plots. We will help our users by creating a friendly interface with graphs of the evolution that is easy to use and trade on. But because we like our freedom, you can trade whatever you wish. because it's for your good. And you should be able to do whatever you want with it!

What proof of owning my space do I have?

For every purchase you make, you get a bill and a receipt. And the data that comes with this bill will be saved on the blockchain. Furthermore, every key owner will have a Doctor 31 virtual car with a unique ID and password, which allows owners to connect to their Doctor 31 app account. In that account, you find real-time information about the progress of the metaverse, how many keys are still available, and many other things that will help you have a successful business in the metaverse.
If the value of your purchase is at least 3.000 euros, the virtual card becomes a physical one with NFC technology, which you use to log in to your account. If your purchase is less than 3,000 euros, you can get your card separately, but it will not be free.

When the Doctor31 metaverse will be ready

The test version, meaning a fully functional beta version, will be ready by the end of 2023, and the final version will be ready by the spring of 2024. As we finish up the modules, it will be public for those who have Doctor31 plots, Doctor31 Tag card(s) or those who hold a premium subscription.

Doctor 31 MarketPlace will be ready by the second half of 2023. Fore more details please see the Road map. Don't forget that you can see all the progress in your app account. You can even ask questions or make suggestions.

Can I create my business in the Metaverse?

Yes! And you can start whenever you wish, as long as you have the right amount of Doctor31 plots for the space you need to run that activity (check the list here). If you don't have all the Doctor31 plots, you can easily buy them from here, from our market place or from OpenSea NFT market.

How much does a Doctor31 plot costs?

The price of a Dcotor31plot is variable, and for 2022 and 2023, the main factor influencing it is the stage of the project. At each selling point, the price and the number of Doctor31 plots that will be released differ. At this moment, there are 400 Doctor 31 plots up for sale, with a discount of 70% off the initial price. The current price is 1500 Euro for a Doctor31 plot.

Is there a limit to how many Doctor31 plots I can buy?

Definitely no! We don't want to have any constrains in our metaverse.

Is there a minimum number of Doctor31 plots that I can buy?

Definitely no! We don't want to have any constrains in our metaverse.

Who else has Doctor 31 plots in the metaverse?

Other people, like you or a business, the point is that Dcotor 31 Metaverse will release a fixed number for sale, according to the timeline announced from the beginning.

Why a business from real life must exist simultaneously in real life and in Doctor31 Metaverse?

At any given point, 3 out of 4 people use search engines on a monthly basis to find out more about their symptoms. In 95% of those cases, the information is completely off-topic, if not wrong.
Search engines display the best indexed articles or those for which advertising has been paid. So what if you want a better and more precisely targeted audience? What if you could reach people based on their symptoms, sufferings, geographic location, ethnicity, and so on?
This is Doctor 31 Metaverse, and this is the marked need we are here to fill! This is the perfect place for business to offer their services and products because our users are just like you and me: humans with real health problems.

How simple is the process of buying a Doctor31 plot?

Very simple. In the first phase, you fill out a form with your billing address and information, you add this to your wallet (click here if you don't know what it is or how it works), this goes on the block chain for safekeeping, you pay your fee, and that's it! Next step, you get your login data and your virtual or real card, depending on your purchase.

Why should I buy Doctor31 plot NOW?

There are two main reasons: they are limited, and at this point in the sale process, you get discounts. Remember: the earlier you buy your keys, the safer your investment is!

If I have any more questions about my Doctor31 plots in the Doctor 31 Metaverse, who do I talk to?

You have the "chat" function waiting for you 24/7; you can ask for help through your account, or if it's easier for you, you can reach out on What's App or Discord.

Why only 10,000 Doctor31 plots

Any resource, just as in real life, is limited. However, this does not imply that our Metaverse is. We need to maintain a balance in our internal economy, a well-organized application. That means we have some basic principles that all of us need to respect. With that in mind, there are 10.000 Doctor 31 plots in the Doctor 31 Metaverse at any one moment. One thing is certain: it is preferable to have a smaller but economically powerful country, such as Switzerland, rather than a large one with an unstable economy, where fraud is more likely.