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Psychological uncontrolled need of cocaine.


Signs and symptoms

After consuming cocaine, regardless of route of administration: smoking, snorting through his nose, taken orally or injected into a vein, there installs a feeling of euphoric happiness, of accomplishment, with the need to talk more, to socialize and share feelings of accomplishment.
Appetite as well as sleepiness diminish during the period of consuming cocaine.
After consuming cocaine, at first we meet an increase in intellectual efficiency and physical performance. After the euphoric state passes, there installs a paranoid state, with outbursts of panicking and hallucinations. Following this situation a state of deception occurs , leading to depression, suicidal tendencies can occur.
Eventually the body feels tired, exhausted, powerless. In terms of intellect passivity can become total.When it gets down to such cases the desire to take cocaine appears to relive the moments of euphoria.

Hygienic-dietary rules

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